How to repair any water damaged phone in 1 HOUR!!!

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  1. Alan Alvarez says:

    well i hope this works i went swiming with a galaxy s2 in my pocket and it
    turns on the sound and everything works but the screen is black but it
    doenst fully tunr on

  2. Feferi Peixes says:

    does it work for ipod nano 7th generation

  3. Ortus Parkour Group says:

    can you use Hygrogine Peroxide?

  4. Matthew Martin says:

    Everyyyyy comment here is about I have a blah blah will it work? ANY
    electronic should work but you wont know until you try. Heres why it DOES

    Water does not actually damage your phone at all. Water is not pure because
    it contains minerals and other things that attach themselves to the
    electronic components causing short circuits. The alcohol is simply
    removing those impurities.

  5. Dustin Smith says:

    HELP!!! I did this with my Galaxy Note 3 because the charging port was
    messed up after spilling soda on it. After trying this method, the screen
    just shows black. Everything else works and it turns on, but no picture.
    Any help?

  6. Mitchell Gorgas says:

    does 91% work?????????

  7. snoe eons says:

    the alcohol will disolve the glue holding the tiny layers of the lcd
    together and can ruin your screen this is a HORRIBLE idea!!!!!!

  8. Balazs Repasi says:

    Thanks, worked for me perfectly

  9. computerfreak247 says:

    i tried this and it got my phone to turn back on but i think i waited too
    long to do it so it had water all in the screen and i couldn’t get it out
    but next time if a phone gets water damaged this is the first thing i’m
    going to do

  10. Brynna Nordby says:

    Step 1: Place phone in rice. Step 2: Wait for rice to attract Asians to fix
    your phone.

  11. Jory Parsons says:

    if the phone dropped in sea water or urine …..will doing this method
    still work?

  12. Eric gilliland says:

    Future reference it’s Ice-o-pro-pull Alcohol. Thanks for the video.

  13. The Human Nokia says:

    One hour, eh?

  14. Mary Thinks says:

    I have nothing to loose – iPhone is dead so will report back in a few

  15. imserious2187 says:

    Should u dry it off before putting it in the rice or just drop it right in

  16. Sonia Murphy says:

    I washed my son’s phone I vacuumed it and put it in rice I am so scared
    about his reaction I am praying!

  17. Corynne Bashaw says:

    can you do this with the battery in it without damaging it?

  18. Corynne Bashaw says:

    does it have to be 99%? because i only have 91%

  19. jeremy997 says:

    Do you know how muck water it takes to short out a phone because I’m one of
    those people that’s worried about water getting into my phone 

  20. Nas T says:

    everyone is complaining about the time. if it fixes your phone then you
    can wait. suck it up people geez. 

  21. tywana kerr says:

    Does this work of phone is dropped in juice?

  22. SmartHerSparty says:

    I dropped my beloved Lucid 2 in the toilet last night…..didnt have rice
    on hand immediately cuz I was at a friends house….its been in a tuppaware
    container with rice since this morning…..I am SOOO hesitant to try this
    isopropyl alcohol method….gonna try it tomorrow if rice alone doesnt
    work…..WISH ME LUCK!

  23. Alex Goven says:

    I did this before I saw any instructions of the sort. My phone fell in what
    is about the dirtiest water possible, containing manure and glycerin, and
    since then it wouldn’t charge up enough to last through a boot. I didn’t
    have 99% isopropyl alcohol available. I had a little bit of 91% and a full
    16 fl. oz. bottle of 70%. It’s now soaking in a little plastic tub and I
    tilted and flipped the phone to get all the air out. Hopefully the water
    content of those bottles was distilled. Now to find a bag of rice… I’ll
    post results later on.

  24. Rachel Jones says:

    I’ve got a htc one today I fou

  25. Victoria Teuscher says:

    does this work with a smart phone that you cant take apart?

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