Pest Controls for Aquaponics

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  1. Bright Agrotech says:

    BT is pretty safe in systems. Of course you always want to spray a portion
    of your system initially and allow the system to adjust. We’ve used BT
    drenches before (to kill drain flies and fungus gnats). Haven’t ever had
    any issues, but every system is different. BT can be a great control though!

  2. Quodge says:

    Worst case scenario.. if your plants get all eaten by pests will the fish
    be ok?

  3. Raederle Phoenix says:

    When it comes to aphids, there is a bio-control that entirely viable, even
    if the aphids are way out of control. I’ve done it before in my
    permacultured backyard. You buy a bunch of ladybugs and then set them free
    in the evening. They don’t fly at night, so they’ll mate and eat wherever
    you let them out. They love aphids and they’ll eat them all right up. The
    only trick is that with a major outbreak you’ll need to release multiple
    batches, and also, you need a seller source of ladybugs.

  4. digitalsoultech says:

    But What about garlic? Isn’t that used often?

  5. AquaponicLynx says:

    Again, as Nate says, follow the labels and use some caution early on when
    using any new product. BT products for use against leaf eating caterpillars
    must be sprayed on the plant leaves and the caterpillars have to eat some
    of it for it to work against them. It is actually a bacteria that gives
    them a bad stomach infection that will stop them from eating and eventually
    kill them in a few days, it does not work to put it in your system
    water!!!!! It must be sprayed.

  6. AquaponicLynx says:

    Nate, another product that might be worth checking out that seems to be
    fairly fish safe (though you need to wear goggles when spraying it) is
    SucraSheild. It is good against soft bodied insects and seems to be very
    safe for everything else except eyes if the spray gets in them.

  7. Raederle Phoenix says:

    Not sure if I saw that other video yet. I’ve been watching so many videos
    on aquaponics. I really believe it can be a huge part of the solution to
    over-energy consumption, but does aquaponics solve anything if we’re still
    using commercial (even if organic) pesticides? How much
    land/energy/labor/resources goes into the production of those pesticides?
    Perhaps it doesn’t work in large systems because most large systems are too
    much of a mono-crop. Permaculture needs to meet aquaponics. 🙂

  8. aaronhall555 says:

    Another good bio control is nematodes. I’ve been using “nematode sf” to
    control root aphids, an under the soil pest, but they’re also effective on
    surface pests if applied by spray. “Nematode sf” are effective on root
    aphids first and third stages of their life cycles. “Nematode sf” are safe
    for fish, and ones that get washed out and end up in the fish tank become
    tasty treats for the fish, they love them. One application of nematodes can
    last two years, as they continue to breed.

  9. Jeff Jones says:

    what’s your take on the GMO foods? it looks like they will contaminate
    crops through cross pollination so some day lots of stuff will be GMO. None
    of it sounds good but do you think it is as bad some are saying?

  10. Greg Sarmas says:

    Nate, are you able to do all of this spraying because of the ziptower
    design? It would seem that just hitting the plant surface and not your
    water supply would make spraying a much more viable option. I have been
    under the impression that flood and drain bed systems tend to allow
    whatever you spray to directly enter into your water source? Is it still
    safe to use some of these in a hydroton bed set up? Any feedback is
    appreciated. Great video!

  11. TheDevildogger says:

    Why would mosquitoes be a problem? Fish eat the larva. I have four rain
    collection barrels and they each have a couple goldfish. No problems with
    mosquitoes and the water is CLEAN, NO algae. Same in my koi pond. I throw
    caterpillars in the koi pond and they don’t even last 5 minutes, maybe I’m
    just lucky.

  12. Bright Agrotech says:

    It’s used, but it isn’t always effective. We only use things that we know
    will work all the time.

  13. Bright Agrotech says:

    You’re right- BT is awesome stuff and really fish safe.

  14. Bright Agrotech says:

    Well, any time you want to produce enough to feed a lot of people you end
    up having to use some kind of pest control- and honestly most of the stuff
    we use is super safe, and represents minimal energy consumption as far as
    manufacturing goes. It’s a necessary evil. Trust me, we wouldn’t be staying
    late to spray for aphids if we didn’t have to. That’s not to say that there
    aren’t better options or opportunities out there- it just takes a while to
    get there!

  15. Bright Agrotech says:

    You’re right Aaron- I’ve heard of a number of folks using nematodes to
    control root aphids, fungus gnats and drain flies.

  16. Bright Agrotech says:

    Hi Jeff, I’d love to answer your question but I’m afraid that it will
    likely start a flame-war. Shoot me a private message if you want my opinion.

  17. Tim Collins says:

    I have watched so many of your videos now I feel like I know you! great job

  18. Bright Agrotech says:

    Thanks, Tim!

  19. TheShawnsalas says:

    Have you ever used a product called Liquid Ladybug?

  20. 1mtstewart says:

    like weeds on bare ground, insects attack, less than healthy, foliage.
    pesticides are counter to the market we are courting, those that want clean
    insecticide and pesticide free produce. I am still researching aquaponics
    and have found no one else, suggesting the use of insecticides and
    herbicides which are metabolized and held in the organs and tissues of the
    fish. again this is contrary to our purpose. what is the source of your
    disease or deficiency in the plants that the insects are attacking?

  21. Vertical Food Blog says:

    In this video, Dr. Nate Storey outlines some of the best controls suitable
    for aquaponic production. For more information, visit #pestcontrol 

  22. Green's Horticulture & Hydroponics says:

    In this video, Dr. Nate Storey outlines some of the best controls suitable
    for aquaponic production. For more information, visit #pestcontrol 

  23. Pest Control Austin says:

    Does aquaponics solve anything if we’re still using commercial (even if
    organic) pesticides?

  24. Pest Control Sacramento says:

    Cool informative video

  25. SchWillburt McDonald says:

    How do these liquid spray controls interact with the other bio controls you
    are using in the green house? ie. ladybugs and aphid wasps 

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