Pest Control – Ravana Ex (7-16-15)

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14 Responses to Pest Control – Ravana Ex (7-16-15)

  1. Skyform says:

    Love it. Can’t wait for more.

  2. miklymick5 says:

    Can’t wait till savage D:

  3. Mufasaprime says:

    i wonder if im the only one thinking to himself “if only they had a paladin
    tank.. oh wait”

  4. FFxStrife says:

    I died. It’s gone

  5. Sayuri Hinoe says:

    My group hit that enrage at 1%…. it sooooooooo heartbreaking! Makes you
    wanna… donkey punch (I’m not sure what a donkey punch is) stuff! Anyway,
    you guys are awesome! ^_^ I’m happy to see another group being goofy too!

  6. Augusto Porto says:

    Hilarious, u got a sub . haha

  7. Amy Levandoski says:

    Yay! More adventures of the NEST crew! o

  8. Iam18 says:

    Why is Laidback Luke, and Kaiju Esperada names covered on the party list?

  9. MetalGuide says:

    “Like the f@ç%*$ left arm of Exodia”


  10. Tenshi NoAkuma says:

    Damn these are awesome. ^^

  11. IncognitoYang says:

    I love your videos man, keep going! I want to see more!

  12. Rax G says:

    I was wondering when the next one was coming out. Love these. Pease keep
    them coming.

  13. Jeremy Brewer says:

    This was the perfect way to start my work day. Thank you.

  14. Slothfosho says:

    did someone fap at the end?

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