Organic Pest Control – Companion Planting With Garlic

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  1. mhpgardener says:

    @bigbadwillie1 I’m not sure about dandelions. One thing I do know is they
    spread like crazy. Eveytime one dries out and my daughter sees it…well,
    she commences to spreading seed all over the place ! They sure are pretty
    though, a sign that spring is on the way.

  2. navajopa31 says:

    @loislaney23 If you wrap duct tape around your fingers with the sticky side
    out you can pick the eggs off the underside of the squash leaves without
    damaging the plant. It really works. Pull off your fingers when done and
    fold the tape over to seal them in and discard in trash. Sevin dust with a
    hand sprayer also works on the ones that have hatched out. If the sun is
    behind the leaves you can see the eggs on the underside.

  3. Planting81 says:

    I’m planting garlic in my pepper bed to see if it helps with aphids. I also
    have onions in my tomato bed but as small as they are I’m not sure if they
    will be doing any deterring : )

  4. timjturner says:

    Interesting to see how this works for you…..With the mild winter we have
    had this year I am thinking all bugs are going to be out to get us this
    year…..I am going to try this……Thanks as always for sharing……

  5. Lois Laney says:

    @navajopa31 Thanks for the tip, but if things work as good as last year I
    won’t need to do this, thank goodness. I used to use Sevin on the bugs but
    found Neem oil is an organic spray to be safer to use.

  6. mediamaker2000 says:

    I’ve noticed a pattern in your videos, at least lately…Your hat and shirt
    always seem to match! 50 foot bed of tomatoes?! How much bread are you
    going to need for all of that?! You sir, are The King of Lycopene! On a
    less silly note and possibly of additional worthy information, rose growers
    claim that burying fresh or dried banana peels around the base of rose
    plants ward of aphids. I know there are different types of aphids so I
    don’t know if it would work for tomatoes, just a thought.

  7. mhpgardener says:

    @HHeirloomIA Thanks….borage is getting mentioned quite a bit, definitely
    gonna have to check it out. 🙂

  8. mhpgardener says:

    @SMprepnNancy My biggest problem is aphids on cukes. The leaves don’t like
    to be sprayed. They didn’t care for neem oil by itself at all. I’m using
    takedown right now. Its OMRI listed, so I feel good about it. It kills the
    aphids, but the cuke leaves still are not enjoying being sprayed. I’ll keep
    trying. The first 7 plants are just having a hard time. Might have to pull
    them out. I have plenty more though. 🙂

  9. mhpgardener says:

    @paulgem123 I would say more of the same Paul. Garlic, onions, marigolds,
    basil, and some of the other things that folks are mentioning like borage
    and rosemary. They won’t solve the problems completely, but they should
    help. Just make sure you look at a comp plant chart to see exactly what is
    compatible with your specific vegetable.

  10. paulgem123 says:

    @mhpgardener Thanks! I have some stinky garlic growing in a separate
    container like you have there. It’s just starting to pop up.

  11. stymye says:

    @mhpgardener the beauty of marigolds is you will have more seeds from
    them… than you know what to do with.. let them dry out and fill baggies
    by the handfull .. I put them everywhere … lol ! by the way… your
    greenhouse is a work of art .. it’s so efficient and beautiful ! your a
    good man my friend .

  12. jrinker64 says:

    ? do you have a vid or can you do one on seed saving? i d like to know how
    to do that

  13. Diane Mumm Garden Videos says:

    the garlic did well in that container, very good! stinky and

  14. mhpgardener says:

    @MarinePrepper I appreciate the support.

  15. mhpgardener says:

    @GardenNewbie Thx Evan !

  16. whyUspeakin says:

    im gonna have to try that….i live in arizona and in the summertime there
    is bout 5 diff types of ants that live round the house, and they all are
    fire ants…and pogos which is a nasty one…i dont like using pestacides
    so i just dumped boiling water down their hole….no ant beds round
    here..too hot!

  17. Gavin FreedomLover says:

    I have started using some stuff called Neem Repel seems to be working , so
    far so good.

  18. Gehenna71 says:

    You can also make garlic tea and water the plants with it and/or dilute it
    to spray on the plants. Or just add garlic to your compost tea. Dilute
    compost tea or worm compost tea and spray it on the plants. Careful with
    sunburn if you spray the plants.

  19. MrBarrytone says:

    Great video! Enjoyed my visit here! 🙂

  20. mhpgardener says:

    Well… I was born in NC, and live in VA….. never been to LA. However, I
    know some mighty fine folks from down there. So to sound like them is just
    fine with me. 😉

  21. logtype47 says:

    How about that. Coastal NC? My folks are from Mississippi. Attended
    university in Baton Rouge. I’ve always been interested in all the various
    southern dialects from various regions. Mississippi and Southern Louisiana
    despite being next to one another have completely linguistic deliveries.
    All the best.

  22. louis zacek says:

    what do you recommend for leaf miners? ,i think that is what it is white
    lines on the leaves. thanks

  23. killer54374 says:

    What accent?

  24. mhpgardener says:

    Thanks. Hopefully the Zombie deal won’t happen any time soon.

  25. OdinPowers says:

    did it work ?

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