Natural Mosquito Repellent

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25 Responses to Natural Mosquito Repellent

  1. HomeHandyHints says:
  2. TheSoloAsylum says:

    This and a propane fogger and you should be good….

  3. phatbastard22 says:

    what cloves are those?

  4. Sam Brotherston says:

    great, and there are no limes in South Korea…

  5. Thomas Jones says:

    I’ve tried this, at my home in India, and it didn’t work in the slightest. 

  6. Denise Maria says:
  7. Ghassan Younis says:
  8. Donna Ngonadi says:
  9. Life's Adventures says:

    With this method the mosquitos are guaranteed not to land on plate with
    lime and clove!

  10. nicklimit says:

    Stick what?

  11. Fairuz Maliha says:

    it was just a joke

  12. Francis Freyre says:

    thank you very much for the tips. i will try them this week.

  13. Andrés Araya says:

    I will try xd

  14. Joseph Oliveira says:

    A Whole Load Of Bull

  15. momthegreatest says:

    I thought lemon is for pickles…

  16. Somali Mukherjee says:

    how long one half of a lime works?

  17. Putriati Md Saril says:
  18. EmptyHandedWarrior says:

    more of this to the people!

  19. Hard-Rive Duckers says:

    Know about anything ant repellent?

  20. Toril Trætten says:
  21. Olga Vilska-Rizhikov says:
  22. GeneralToxicus says:

    I love how this is basically a video of a bloke decorating some fkn limes.

    Typical sensationalism, what’s slightly depressing though is how everyone
    seem to just eat this sort of tripe up. There is literally no interest in
    actually looking up whether or not this works, which btw, it doesn’t.

  23. ttag ical says:

    You are probably making a last desperate attempt at selling out your
    overstocked lime supplies you cheeky little doddywangler.

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