Marijuana Pest & Bug Control

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  1. Toni DAvello says:

    can you spray in the day light and if growing inside can you spray neem oil
    when lights are on?

  2. DeEbOsS209 says:

    Avid is the way to go!!! Also some neem oil

  3. Nebula Haze says:

    Neem oil is the best. I also love SM-90 for similar uses. It’s so true that
    every grower is in constant warfare against pests, especially spidermites!

  4. TheTheeggmann says:

    Making a tea out of tobacco works good too. I’ll even sprinkle tobacco
    around the base of the plant, it’ll keep fungus gnats out of your soil.
    Seems to work just fine

  5. MrOrat69 says:

    Natural soap works very good against spider mites, 1-2 table spoon 1 liter
    water every 3 days 5 times, lights off.

  6. alfred mcquerry says:

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  7. michael flores says:

    this guy was high wen he made this video hahaha fuckn g 

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