Insect & Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs & Stink Bugs

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15 Responses to Insect & Pest Control : How to Get Rid of Boxelder Bugs & Stink Bugs

  1. mehhh15 says:

    Lousy sapsucking sapsuckers…

  2. mehhh15 says:

    Kill ’em with death

  3. Billy982810 says:

    Leave them alone.

  4. PestControlDude says:

    Pleasure to meet you, excellent video content by the way

  5. XIAOrocks says:

    The only good boxelder is a dead one

  6. Rush1013 says:

    @Billy982810 Haha are you serious?

  7. TheCoon71 says:

    NOT helpful AT ALL Thank you.

  8. ArcLight3712 says:

    @Billy982810 You obviously have not had them fly into your face in the
    middle of the night

  9. LifeIsGood says:

    I want the Orkin man to come get the Box Elders off my house… and I want
    to see the bugs speeding off in a Cadillac (who knows the Orkin
    commercials?) lol

  10. harley2die4 says:

    Never trust someone who works with their hands outside and wears a white
    shirt and tie

  11. lynnmlp says:

    Tried poison didn’t work! I bought a bunch of degreaser dish soap on sale.
    Used it in a garden sprayer yesterday. We get Sun all day and have vinyl
    siding. When we sprayed around the windows/corner trim they looked like oil
    oozing out! YUCK! We have billions in our 70′ horse barn too! There are
    10’s of 1000’s of dead ones laying outside now. But, there are just as many
    live ones BACK! I’m sick of being a hostage to these ICKY things! HELP????

  12. hawk1075 says:

    I bought a kid and pet proof pesticide containing cinnamon and peppermint
    oil on elder bugs crowding the side of my house and doors. It did nothing.
    I came back the next day after watching a video on You Tube. They used a
    dishwashing liquid that cuts grease (not the pink, but the green one) and a
    sponge to apply it on surfaces. I used a spray bottle and sprayed it on my
    house. They died and/or they left the next day. Now I found some in my home
    and am worried about egg laying in my house.

  13. emorydawn830 says:

    I wonder if bug bombs would work on the ones in the house?

  14. okeefe58 says:

    Like everyone has said – Useless – Just when you think this guy is going to
    tell you something useful – The video ends

  15. TheDomin8er93000 says:

    There is a whole bunch of elder bugs manefesting my home so I just shoot
    them with my airsoft gun. Doesn’t work efficiently but at least you get a
    big kick out of it

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