Insect Pest Control : How to Get Rid of a Beehive

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  1. eyeOOsee says:

    What about yellow jackets living under your aluminum siding!!! I can’t
    believe how small they make themselves to crawl between a tiny separation.
    In fact if I hadn’t seen it myself, I would not have believed it. And how
    big or extensive might it be if you have seen them going in the same area
    for many summers?? (omg, I think I am going to be sorry I asked). Outside
    hives are one thing, but where and what is going on behind the siding???

  2. mllrmp says:

    Trevor.. good points, but remember that it’s best to spray a nest in the
    early evening or late afternoon when the hive is more dormant. Usually by
    late afternoon the bees are beginning to return to the hive for the night.
    Most spray applications should be done at about 10-15 feet. Usually a good
    soak is enough to treat the hive. I will knock small to medium hives down
    same day. When it’s a larger hive, I usually return the following morning
    with another spray treatment before I knock them down.

  3. ollie430 says:

    Does anyone know how to get rid of a yellow jacket beehive between the

  4. penny girskis says:

    they swarmed in backyard in about 2 hours! its crazy! their all over my
    palm tree im trying to smoke them out with incense and burning paper but
    its working more as a repellant than a bee killer.

  5. supercube86 says:


  6. finsonfarm says:

    He has no idea what he is talking about. Spraying bees with poison is a
    very bad idea. He is only describing wasp or hornet nests. Colonies of bees
    build comb in cavernous spaces (they would prefer to be in the hollow of a
    tree) and thus can’t be smacked down with a brush. Killing bees inside of a
    house will result in honey and wax etc stuck behind the walls – and a mess
    with a host of other pests coming in afterward (ants etc) PEOPLE, IGNORE

  7. Kamfrenchie says:

    lol what a noob! he says “how to get rid of a beehive” and he shows a wasp!
    leave honey bees alone, idiot! Call a beekeeper so they can be saved!

  8. Wellington5392 says:

    How did ypou get your start in the bug business?

  9. saintron60 says:

    Please… Just look up on the Inet your nearest bee keeper if a HoneyBee
    swarm shows up. They are more than happy to come remove them for you for
    free. Wasps and other critters are different. Mankind would starve were it
    not for the HoneyBee. They only swarm when they outgrow “population” their
    current hives.

  10. xXxAustinonfirexXx says:

    @Akamascurse that does work very well!

  11. Nick Gomez says:


  12. quinnessence98 says:

    Don’t kill them get a beekeeper to move them

  13. zombie_cyclone says:

    This process only works for small wasp nests, if you try this with a bee
    hive you will end up in the hospital

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