GardenRx’s Organic “Homemade-Costs-Pennies” Bug Spray Recipe that Works!

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  1. Aschwin Wesselius says:

    Korean Natural Farming tells you also about natural pesticides from herbs
    and plants. Pretty easy and cheap and very safe too. Lookup OHN, Oriental
    Herb Nutrients, FPJ, Fermented Plant Juice etc. I’ll try the peppermint in
    these sprays too.

  2. 37Sith says:

    What about a spray with hot pepper juice, water, and soap?? Or water,
    garlic, mineral oil, and soap? Iv seen those on the web.. Are they a good
    alternative? Thanks…

  3. crazymoo56 says:

    I love catching the bugs myself and feeding the chickens. Nothing more
    ironic than having them converted into eggs and then eating them.

  4. ansiaaa666 says:

    this guy is awesome. I wish there was a whole show with just him!

  5. Live Muthatrucka says:

    hehe….I always thought the soap bubble clogged their little insect lungs
    when they inhaled it. :p The soap water alone worked wonders in my garden
    in Belgium.

  6. Live Muthatrucka says:

    That lemon peel chemical also repels flies. I used to hang a string of
    lemon peels in the back window of my house and flies would not fly in. When
    they dried, I’d boil them and make homemade mosquito repellent after adding
    a few other ingredients like rosemary and lavender and after it all cooled,
    a bit of white vinegar as a preservative. It worked well for me and made my
    dogs smell lovely.

  7. CupRockTV says:

    Thanks RefuseForced2Link, that’s a really great tip, I’ve never heard that,
    I’m going to try it. All the best!

  8. Beni Ot says:

    Hi will this kill spiders? Please do a video on getting rid of spiders.
    I’ve tried: tea tree oil with water into a spray bottle and spray this like
    a barrier along the outside of my bedroom windows, door, any cracks i see
    and i still find the yucky 8 leggers in my apt. I am scared of them and i
    cant even stand killing them with my hands. please please i would
    appreciate so much.

  9. Yvette Welch says:

    Thank you so much!!! The soap really works and I could see the crickets
    jumping off my veggies!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  10. Victoria Powers says:

    thank u so much for the tips…bugs/insects destroying my flower
    leaves..thanks sir

  11. uniqueNJC79 says:

    Hi CupRockTV, I need some help. What can I do to treat my entire yard? We
    found fleas in the back yard & have tons of mosquitos. Is there something I
    can hang on the trees that will keep mosquitos away & kill the fleas?

  12. Bethina Rafa says:

    can we use banana peelings instead of lemon??

  13. Heather C. Orr says:

    Push the button on the video below to learn how to make nontoxic bug spray.

  14. rockingshoes123 says:

    Thnxs!!!!!!! So much u really saved my project

  15. JebNaJer P says:

    Thanks for sharing. I have indoor plants and insects love to play around
    with them and they stay also in the soil. Is it safe to spray insecticidal
    spray in the soil as well? Thank for this info. Good job! 

  16. Black Beard says:

    awesome!!! Going to try that…

  17. Jake Wane says:

    Hey, I have a great recipe for insect repellent for the skin. You will need
    tobacco leaves and water. You can grow some tobacco plants, or buy some
    cigars for your source of tobacco. Boil the water and toss in a few tobacco
    leaves or a few cigars. Let it boil like this for about 10 minutes. When
    it’s done filter the leaves out through a strainer and bottle the brown
    liquid in a spray bottle. The nicotine in the water is a natural insect
    repellent. Spray this liquid on your clothes or on your skin, it will keep
    the bugs away. It will smell like tobacco, which actually smell nice when
    it’s not burnt. 

  18. Lynn Hiers says:

    Does this work on ants?

  19. Kpopmum62 says:

    I like these methods….safe for the environment. Thanks!

  20. Mary Sunshine says:

    Nice, nobody seems to mention how often you should spray… everyday
    too much? Thanks for the video, love penny pinching ideas 

  21. Aisha Khan says:

    does this repel

  22. xR3PTILExFTW says:

    Does this work ? Because with the heat rising in britain its been reported
    that there will be a house invasion of giant spiders, instead of me making
    a flamethrower I want safe and easy spray

  23. Tutto Bene says:

    Loren, is this recipe a spot killer, and or will it keep the bugs off for a
    longer time??

  24. Christian Aguilar says:

    does this work on ants and other insects ?

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