Garden Girl TV: Natural Insect Control with Diatomaceous Earth

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25 Responses to Garden Girl TV: Natural Insect Control with Diatomaceous Earth

  1. GardenGirltv says:

    I am with you. I use it only twice a year. I stalk my garden with Lady
    bugs, I use it when I get infested with the nasty bugs.

  2. feralkevin says:

    I love your videos, by the way. Your garden is definitely something to
    aspire to!

  3. hughtub says:

    Dayo Tomatoes earth seems like amazing stuff!

  4. Rose Adams says:

    Hello Can you please tell me where I can get hand held crop duster like the
    one here in your video or similar as long as it is handheld. Thanx again

  5. TheiRenaissance says:

    the razor sharp, microscopic DE damages the exo skeleton of the bug… and
    its not totally safe. for instance you couldnt pay me to apply it as she
    does. you dont want that stuff in your eyes or lungs. is a legitimate
    inhalation hazard. please dont do what you see here, use a mask rated to
    handle particles the size of DE, seals around your nose and mouth, and i
    also recommend goggles. better yet. i prefer lady bugs.

  6. tormcp says:

    You all should definitely try using Orange Guard Home Pest Control. Its
    natural, smells good, and really works!!

  7. jerry klinger says:

    Good job on your video I liked it very much!

  8. TheWholefoodfarmacy says:

    Very nice vidio awesome

  9. satellitetune says:

    Very nice vidio awesome

  10. WhoaDammit1967 says:

    you didn’t mention that there’s 3 different kinds of DE. the gardening
    kind, the kind you use in swimming pools and foodgrade. i use foodgrade DE
    on my animals. outside as well as inside. i sprinkle it on their food it
    keeps them worm free. i also use it in the house for bedbugs i just
    sprinkle it around the legs of the bed it will kill any small insect to
    about the size of a scorpion but it won’t harm earthworms for some reason.i
    also use it in my worm bin

  11. Jana Quan says:

    how much is it?

  12. akwolfsong says:

    @LucieLettuce If you get food safe diatomacious earth ( yes there are two
    types one used in comercial pest control:added harmful ingredients, the
    other is safe for human ingestion) it kills worms like no other and it
    works in animals and is also safe for humans to. Icky thought but most
    humans are infected with one type of parasite or another and never know it.
    Just a cool piece of info 😉

  13. Bunny S says:

    That stuff is not safe! This is used in the mixture that you sometimes lay
    tile on and we had a pipe flood our home which they had to rip the tile up
    and ground this substance up without masks mind you. I was upstairs and
    thought they were going to scrape it up and next thing I know my home was
    top to bottom in this stuff. They didn’t warn us or cover anything and also
    ran our A/C so it kept cycling through our home.

  14. 4evervescence says:

    This was my primary concern, as I am gardening organically but really don’t
    want to kill the beneficial bugs, but I am being overrun with army worms
    and my manual pest control isn’t keeping up with the hundreds and hundreds
    per plant on my twelve plants. I may have to do this to get a handle on it.

  15. kisinzcemm says:

    I don’t care… I would still wear a dust mask …and since people can buy
    none food grade at Lowe’s ….. its better to play it safe …

  16. FWO Fran says:

    Not exactly. It can be applied wet, and when it dries, it is still
    effective. Also, added to food or beverages and consumed, it is effective
    at killing intestinal parasites.

  17. Lee Ann Steinmetz says:

    Only in the dirt. Don’t spray the foliage or flowers.

  18. Kat says:

    Supposedly, earthworms are not affected by DE like insects because they do
    not have exoskeletons. Some people add food grade DE (stress on food grade)
    to their worm bins to keep pests like mites from infesting the bin and
    worms eat it without being affected.

  19. Carolyn Zuniga says:

    It’s really important to wear a mask, this stuff can damage your lungs if
    your not careful. Safety first. 

  20. Rich D says:

    This stuff is great for killing of insects b/c it has microscopic sharp
    points that punctures the exoskeleton of bugs & the more they tread through
    it the more damage it does. It’s the equivalent of a naked human walking
    though a forest composed of shards of glass. However, it is not safe to
    inhale b/c it does the same damage to your lungs. In terms of ingesting, as
    long as you rinse your food b4 you use it, there’s almost no danger there.

  21. Becky Sunshine says:

    I would never dust all my plants with DE because DE kills bees. We all need
    to take special care of bees and encourage them to visit. The last thing we
    want to do is kill them. There is no need to treat every leaf in the
    garden. Really bad advice for people and I hope they don’t listen to it.

  22. bohemiangirl56 says:

    You can eat it – in fact it is good for your bones. we put in our daily
    smoothie. Also rids you and your animals of parasites. Organic farmers feed
    it to their animals it is good for their coats.

  23. Ellen Mark says:

    I used diatomaceous earth years ago in my library to get rid of silverfish
    and it worked! But I have since heard that it’s illegal (except for use in
    cleaning pool systems?). I always wore a mask when applying it because
    it’s bad for your lungs. We’re talking about tiny slivers of rock! Not to
    mention the bee thing.

  24. Lili Crymes says:

    love your post and am going to share it with all the members of my
    community garden. I have found that DE did little to control roaches while
    boric acid powder does the trick. Also the reading I have done indicates
    that it poses little risk to bees but I am going to double check with our
    bee expert. Thanks again for the great video. I hope to see more from you

  25. GUILLERMO61 says:

    All types of diatomaceous earth are, to varying degrees, unsafe for human
    inhalation. Natural and food-grade DE can cause irritation of the mucous
    membranes of the nose and mouth; therefore, a respiratory mask should be
    worn when administering DE. Pool-grade DE is a respiratory hazard due to
    its crystalline silica content. This high concentration of crystalline
    silica is due to the partial melting of the DE; this melting and processing
    result in a substance that is carcinogenic and should not be inhaled or

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