Chemical Free Pest Control – Heat Pod by Rentokil

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5 Responses to Chemical Free Pest Control – Heat Pod by Rentokil

  1. fairdinkam says:

    Good job lads,very effective treatment to insect pests,area 1 tech london
    saying hello,keep up the good work

  2. Sam Yehia says:

    when you get bedbugs, they are also in the carpet, behind power points,
    clothes, in the whole room, not hust in the furniture. So once you place
    the items back, they get re-infested with bedbugs, Not a real solution

  3. unitednations9 says:

    Sam Yehia your correct that’s why it’s important to have spray treatment’s
    in conjunction with the Rentokil Heat Pod.

  4. Nasser Adil says:


  5. Edison Rodrigues says:


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