Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Killing bedbugs with heat also known as thermal remediation or bed bug heat treatments is a green treatment designed to eliminate or get rid of bed bug populations through the use of environmental manipulation. Such as the method at WikiHow shown here.

This is very similar to the use of electric or gas fired heaters except that you were treating the entire area instead of spot treating specific pieces of furniture or cracks and crevices where bed bugs may be harboring. The benefit of this is that you are encompassing the entire area which will not allow escape and you are also getting complete penetration through items whereas with topical applications of steam or cold such as Cryonite you are only treating the areas topically. As we are aware these insects harbored deep within cracks and crevices including deep inside box Springs, mattresses, couches, headboards and walls. With the proper use of a heating program we can get penetration through all of these items holistically eliminating the entire population usually in one treatment.

The heaters used in the video above are provided by TempAir. More information on their process can be found at that link. They are one of the original developers of the heating system that exterminates bed bugs. There also one of the companies that have promoted this process throughout the United States and have really helped the industry improve in both techniques and procedures so that the process itself is very effective and over 90% of the time eliminates populations in one visit.

Now nothing is perfect when it comes to the control of bed bugs. Because heat works much like an attractant you must always check surrounding units to make sure that there is no infestations in other areas where the walls will become warm as this will bring more of these insects into the area being treated. Unfortunately as the areas drop-down below lethal temperatures any newly introduced insects will not be eliminated so that if there is a perimeter infestation the treatment could fail if this is not found prior. That’s why with best management practices the first step with any issue is to have a perimeter inspection and to then move out from the originally infested unit until you get to the and point of that issue and then exterminate from their back in there by surgically eliminating the issue from the building.

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