How to kill bed bugs with heat treatment

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7 Responses to How to kill bed bugs with heat treatment

  1. Cockroach Mice Eating Is Good says:
  2. Izakokomarixyz says:

    who lives like that…

  3. SlyDawg 1976 says:

    You have to be a filthy fucking swine to live like that. This is someone
    who probably never changes the sheets. Absolutely sickening.

  4. deanna morris says:

    Must have been a vacant house, hopefully!
    I thought I had a problem with German roaches, mine is nothing compared to
    this. Yuck!
    Having to vacate my property along with my birds for several months to get
    rid of my problem. Wishing there was a central florida company who could
    treat my home with thermal.
    I here thermal kills all insects and their eggs, and kills toxic black mold.
    What is the avg cost to get home treated?

  5. Hali Berri says:

    You think I can have the pillow.. geese they are highly people!

  6. EL Donjuan says:

    This is why I can’t get paid enough to help hoarders

  7. scrippy krewcible says:

    I have seen-Much worse infestations in 43 years of treating homes. And
    the bathroom part- I have seen them glued to the piss ring around the
    toilet in a home on their backs still alive, having fallen from the pants
    of someone using the Facilities. And- the trim-quarter round on the kitchen
    floor covered in black excreatment from them falling of people getting a
    drink of water at night with them still feeding as they walk there.

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