How Do Bed Bugs Work?

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  1. IggyTron says:

    Shouldn’t watch this before bed :c

  2. Neceros says:

    Of course *you* would be the one to talk about bed bugs. <3

  3. Sakib Ali says:


  4. Rosa Coriander says:

    Coriander? Don’t you lovely American folk say cilantro anymore? I always
    wondered why those two words meant the same thing anyway :P


    How did you know about my clutter?

  6. J Ribs says:

    Oh God. I’m high in bed with no pants. Everything feels crawly. 

  7. Crevan Embrust says:

    A YEAR without eating? I heard 2 weeks. They also can’t take UV light, so
    if you hit them with the sun or a UV lamp they vampire out and explode
    inside and die.

    You can save things like sleeping bags and blankets if you toss them in the
    dryer for a couple cycles. The heat kills them all.

  8. Everything Cool says:

    there real name are Cimex lectularius

  9. Digi 10ve says:

    I was the 69th like wow

  10. Nicole Sowers says:

    I have never experienced being plagued with bed bugs, but one creepy crawly
    inside homes I cannot stand is silverfish. *shivers* Nothing ruins a bath
    more than seeing a silverfish in the tub or along the wall. Ish!

  11. MandyDeadite says:

    I had them all last spring/ summer and it was the worst couple months of my
    life. At first I thought it was something topical giving me those nasty
    rashes bcuz I was the only one in my house getting them and I thought they
    were hives initially . It wasn’t until I ask some one (begrudgingly ) what
    this could be. I was skeptical and gross out at first but I eventually
    owned up to the fact that these little shits had invaded my home. Ugh even
    tHinking back to it now make my skin crawl. I did get rid of them only
    after they got to the rest of my house. We couldn’t afford an exterminator
    so we had to do it the hard way. Elbow grease. We tore out all the carpet,
    got new furniture and sprinkled and sprayed bug killer wherever we could.
    Finally after months and months of resurfacing, they were gone. Ugh! Gross.
    Side note; I was not aware they gave off a smell. I keep that in mind for
    future reference. Thank for this video even tho I made me shudder. 

  12. ParaditeRs says:

    Bed bugs are hell. If you think roaches are bad, you have never dealt with
    beg bugs. I was forced to live in an apartment that was absolutely infested
    with bed bugs. I was continuously bit by the little fuckers every single
    night. My arms were covered in scabs and red spots from where bed bugs bit
    me. I still have scars all over my arms from them. We tried so many
    different things to try to get rid of them, but nothing seemed to work lol.
    Eventually, and thankfully, we moved out from that apartment.

  13. ddneq677 says:

    I’ve had them before. It was one of the most traumatizing things i’ve ever
    gone through, honestly. My building had them but then accused me of
    bringing them in and making me pay $250 to exterminate them. It worked
    though. I ended up finding their “nest” in my suitcase. I can’t believe i
    even got through this video. I probably wouldn’t wish bed bugs on my worst
    enemy. They are such a pain to get rid of and can always come back. And it
    doesn’t matter how clean you are because they’re out for blood, not food
    I tried vacuuming every inch of my apt and throwing things away & setting
    off those little bed bug-killing bomb things. They did nothing. I tried
    D/earth powder, didn’t work either. What does work, is rubbing alcohol. It
    kills them on contact.

  14. Lucy Gunter says:

    Tell anyone you knwo that Diatomaceous Tierra Diatomacea-works great! just
    have to get it where they are close to. Not harmful to pets or humans but
    kills them, sadly-I found out the bedbug way…!

  15. Neo Lizard Squad says:

    Worst bugs ever..

  16. Stevie 655321 says:

    Bed bugs smell like spicy cinnamon when you kill it. 

  17. HowStuffWorks says:

    #Bedbugs can live in your bedroom, drink your blood and stain your sheets.
    How do you get rid of them? Lauren explains in this +BrainStuff –
    HowStuffWorks video. Is anyone else feeling itchy now?

  18. Fat Fox says:

    My experience with the lil fucks is they smell the most if you kill them
    with a full stomach. To me it smells of W-D40 and sport scent. I wonder if
    different folks blood produces different aromas.Mmmm…

  19. emmeazyy says:

    I was bit by a bed bug about 2 months ago and I still have a little red
    mark where it bit me

  20. Ratno Haiddy says:

    The bugs can entering vigina?

  21. KnowledgePlaylists says:

    How Do Bed Bugs Work? | BrainStuff #LaurenVogelbaum Lauren Vogelbaum
    HowStuffWorks #BrainStuff |

  22. Nick S says:

    I see you have the key to my heart

  23. Iz mene says:

    When i was little we had a flee problem, as soon as you stepped on the
    carpet you could feel them jumping onto your bare legs in groups. Not even
    bombing them worked.

  24. CoolStormChaser says:

    I watched this video about an hour ago but now i have bedbugs wtf

  25. uhrrtax says:

    cousin went to italy last year stayed in 4 star hotel… he and his gf had
    bug bites all over them… NICE

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