Chase our Bed Bug Dog finding Bed Bugs

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25 Responses to Chase our Bed Bug Dog finding Bed Bugs

  1. WetWilly9 says:

    brava good dog

  2. Pestcontrol62 says:

    @WetWilly9 Thank you for your comment about Chase.

  3. ilovejoel111 says:

    What a smart dog!

  4. Matthew Qiao says:

    Awesome dog! Intelligent and adorable, truly best of both worlds!

  5. genalewis says:

    Adorable and so smart! I’m sure he is well compensated for his hard work. 🙂

  6. Diego bro says:

    wow thats nice hes smart!!

  7. Oakleaf700 says:

    hahah!!! I used to call my dog ”Bed bug” as she loved to climb into my
    bed at night [I would go to sleep and she would be in her bed, but in the
    morning, I would wake up, and she would be under the duvet at my feet!]
    Twiggy was a very clean dog. What a good dog Chase is!

  8. Oakleaf700 says:

    Such an ”undoglike” thing to want to find, as well, so possibly you train
    him like dogs are trained to find drugs or money?.[ neither drugs or
    money per se are of interest to dogs]…but the ”reward” for finding is
    what they work for.

  9. igorasimovic says:

    stupid rubbish the dog doesnt do anything to let the handler know its found
    something since the handler already knows where he hid the bugs he picks
    them up from where he had hidden them. only a fool is going to hire such a
    service but you never know americans are the biggest fools in the world,
    perhaps in the history of all nations ever.

  10. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Thank you Gena. He loves biscuits, his treat during work!

  11. Pestcontrol62 says:

    He’s smarter than some.

  12. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Thank you Oakleaf, I am sure Twiggy gave you endless days of ‘friendship’.

  13. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Try telling that to people who have Bed Bugs, they are extremely grateful
    for Chases ‘undoglike’ work.

  14. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Of course as the handler I know where the Bed Bugs are placed but Chase
    doesn’t. His alert to show where the Bed Bugs are when he ‘finds’ them is
    to sit and point with his nose. He was first certified in Florida with US
    Law Enforcement Officers. They placed Bed Bugs in several locations (which
    we didn’t know where) as well as a vial of dead Bugs, if Chase alerted to
    would have led to an automatic fail. He found the live Bed Bugs, no
    problem. For more visit our Vermikil Facebook page.

  15. Oakleaf700 says:

    What I meant was , a dog wouldn’t normally want to hunt for bugs [or drugs,
    or money] but the ‘sniffer’ dogs in UK are trained to find ‘undog like
    objects’ the reward is not the drugs/money/people /bugs/ but the ”play”
    they get with their handler. That is what I meant. Our pet dogs would hunt
    out food, and knew when there were treats in the house-but wouldn’t
    bemotivated to seek out ‘undoglike’ objects, as they hadn’t been trained to
    seek them.

  16. Oakleaf700 says:

    No, a dog can find amazing stuff. A Police dog found my keys that were lost
    in deep undergrowth-….he came out of the woods with the keys in his
    mouth. He had no idea where they were. Dogs have amazing noses.

  17. Oakleaf700 says:

    She did indeed-I loved her so much. I feel that the time is now right to
    get another dog, but as you know, they are all so different, and impossible
    to ever ”replace”. My son had a dog at the same time, and they really
    were fantastic. Chase is a great dog, I’m amazed people can doubt a dog’s
    nose! Especially a trained sniffer dog-Bed bugs are meant to be on the
    increase- some parts of London are raddled with them-even public transport,
    as the bugs hide in clothes, and can ”hitch a ride home”

  18. Pestcontrol62 says:

    I guess Oakleaf that for the dog it is the ‘hunt’ regardless of what the
    trained find is, be it arms, narcotics, dead bodies etc., etc. I agree that
    for Chase he loves his work and there has to be an element of play involved
    for him to keep his attention.

  19. Oakleaf700 says:

    I just looked at the website-how lovely that Chase is a rescued animal.
    There are some wonderful dogs to be found in pounds and dog’s homes.As the
    site says, a dog can detect bugs that a human simply can’t see-like most
    pests, they are good at hiding. Anyone who sees bedbugs on Y/T can see how
    2 bugs left undetected easily become a gross infestation. If a dog can
    sense a few, it saves a massive problem later on.

  20. Heelz604 says:

    the dog lets the handler know he found something by sitting down. just like
    drug dogs at the airport they sit quietly so they don’t make a scene.
    you’re the fool for not being able to see that.and no i’m not american.

  21. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Correct Heelz604. You will find that trained Bed Bug dogs will either sit
    on an alert or alternatively scratch like mad at the scent. Chase has been
    trained to sit and often points with his nose, this ensures that he does
    not damage furniture in the process.

  22. Keymosaubee100 says:

    Guess that’s why America is the leading world power that seems to babysit
    us all when we do bad. I’m just glad they were there for my family in WW2
    or I’d probably be speaking german lol

  23. Pestcontrol62 says:

    Valid comment, thank you.

  24. Keymosaubee100 says:


  25. Vermikil Pest Control Services Limited says:

    Here is a film showing Chase, our Bed Bug detecting Dog seeking and finding
    Bed Bugs.

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