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4 Responses to BedBugApocalypse-11min-small.m4v

  1. rclrocks says:

    I watched this last night during supper…. well I had to turn it while I
    ate and then turned it back when I was done eating. I always thought oh yuk
    but did not realize the devastation it can do to a person’s mental well
    being until watching the people on here who had to live thru it. Very
    creepy critters.

  2. Sandy Lu says:

    i hate BED BUG !!

  3. bitterblackberry says:

    We’re fucking screwed 🙁

  4. ThermaPureHeat Florida says:

    Check out this video on Animal Planet about the recent outbreak in bedbug
    cases. Very interesting how bedbugs disappeared for a few decades. 

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