Bedbug Barriers – Stop All Bedbugs and Eliminate Them!

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3 Responses to Bedbug Barriers – Stop All Bedbugs and Eliminate Them!

  1. JnSavedByTheBell says:
  2. Michele Deradune says:

    Thanks for all your wonderful information! I’ve been checking out your
    website and something appears to be missing. Where it says, “Co2 Bedbug
    Sentinel” there is a black square where apparently there used to be a video
    which is no longer there. It was I think going to be something about how to
    make sure after traveling that you don’t inadvertently bring any bedbugs
    home with you.

  3. Ileana Dominguez-Urban says:

    Many of the diy bed bug traps use masking tape to provide a rough surface
    for the bed bug to use to climb into the trap. Why are you using it as a

    Where do you put the talc?

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