Bed Sized Bed Bug Trap; People Release CO2 as Lure; Best CO2 Trap

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  1. dahaidong8 says:

    Shelagh: Here is a comparison between mattress encasement and bed sized bed
    bug trap. If there are thousands of bed bugs in bedroom, mattress
    encasement only seals bed bugs inside of mattress and most bed bugs outside
    of mattress continually bite people at night; this product seals all of bed
    bugs in bedroom and none of bed bugs can bite at night. One product can
    replace both mattress and box spring encasements with additional functions.

  2. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    @Shelagh__You are an idiot who does not know a single thing about bedbugs.
    An open bottom bed cover works where a mattress encasement does not because
    it lets bedbugs that might have scattered in the room come back to the bed
    and get caught underneath the plastic. A mattress encasement does not take
    care of the bedbugs outside the encasement and bedbugs go dormant in it.
    The bedbug terminator keeps bedbug active and they spend their energy
    trying to get out from the top and can’t.

  3. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    I strongly recommend the use of a plastic cover on the bed as an
    impenetrable shield against bites. It is very simple: for mosquitoes you
    put screen in the window, for bedbugs you put a barrier on the bed. Shelagh
    can rant all he wants like a good little exterminator but he cannot deny
    that . I have caught and eliminated thousands of bedbugs with a shield over
    the bed and Co2 traps underneath it. With a shield over the bed you can
    trap out any size of bedbug infestation. Bedbug Terminator works

  4. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    @dahaidong8 __I am JulesNoise and I kill bedbugs with 100% success using
    bed covers and Co2 generators under the bed. I have not failed once because
    I understand the way bedbugs behave and why a shield is paramount to
    eliminate bedbugs. I have a website that give the whole procedure and I
    have put a link and your video in it as one of the best tools to stop all
    bites at once and eliminate the bedbug out of the bed and out of our life.
    I sent you the link in your pm’s. Feel free to contact me.

  5. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    @ ShelaghDB59 __ You are telling people to throw their bed away?! Have you
    been sniffing poison, you are insane! An exterminator that sleeps on a
    mattress encasement not very credible and does not believe in his own
    product. Poison is a repellent, you do not need a mattress encasement. Give
    yourself a treatment and see if bedbugs will bite you.

  6. dahaidong8 says:

    Thanks for your comment. I caught bed bugs into a glass jar and kept it in
    my bedroom. All of bed bugs died with 3 months. I believe that the bed bugs
    in my bedroom had died sooner because they knew blood was nearby. They must
    have consumed a lot of energy on seeking attacking routs when I was
    sleeping on top of the bed sized trap. They did not have a chance to be

  7. ReaperCheGuevara Alexander says:

    Lived in a clean house for 15 years and now into a four family apartment
    fucking hillbillies that live in this place. Thanks for the advice I will
    try it. My house is clean, but thanks.

  8. sailornaruto39 says:

    No, not clean. People with clean houses get them all the time

  9. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    @__Daphanie S__What happens to bedbugs elsewhere in the room with this
    bedbug sheet on the bed? Nothing at all, they are hiding, but when they do
    come out (to feed), they go towards the bed, get up under the shield and
    join the other bedbugs which are starving and will die of starvation too.
    This bed cover is amazing, it stops all bedbug bites at once and make
    bedbug die of exhaustion and starvation.

  10. JnSavedByTheBell says:

    @__Daphanie S__1/3__The one year old bedbug is a myth. All insects
    including the bedbug live according to temperature. The warmer it is and
    the more active the insect is and the colder it gets, the slower the insect
    moves. Lots of insects can live up to a year and slow down so much that
    they hibernate and come back to life the following spring when it warms up.
    The bedbug is not different and can also live up to a year if it goes
    dormant in cold near freezing temperatures.

  11. Screw U says:

    I know, but since bed bugs are attracted to heat and carbon dioxide they
    would be attracted to all other warm blooded animals only realizing later
    they can’t feed on most of them.

  12. dahaidong8 says:

    if truth is what most people believe, this is a typical example that a
    false became truth after repeating the false millions of times. Catch bed
    bugs into a glass jar without cap. Leave it beside bed and let bed bugs
    feel the CO2 from you and crawl every night for seeking food. You will find
    right result.

  13. Steven Sunjich says:

    I bought one of these full zip lock sheets it was very expensive for me
    almost $100 and they are still here, it’s one thing to trap every single
    one in there but if any are loose they will lay their damn eggs somewhere
    else. Really disappointed and sick of the stupid things!

  14. Bill Jordan says:

    No, none of my concerns have been addressed!! You will not kill bed bugs on
    couches, chair, hanging clothing, clothing in dressers, etc. You HOPE to
    starve them. Good luck. This will not work!! Heat will kill bed bugs,
    even if they are in a TV or computer or anything else. 

  15. Karen Allison says:

    Hi, I might try this because I live in an apartment and am afraid to get
    bed bugs. Preventive measures you have given here are going to me much less
    expensive than getting them and then paying thousands of dollars. A-lot of
    people including me wouldn’t be able to afford to do that. Thank you for
    this information. Merry Christmas

  16. Danil q says:

    Hi! Very interesting video and product. But I can’t find any reviews about
    it online. It’s a little strange considering it’s been over a year. Have
    you tried it yourself? Does it really work? Are there any guarantees?

  17. Simone Snipes says:

    where do i buy the trap? the big bed cover with sticky tape on
    bottom…what is the material of the trap…for now ive covered my bed with
    a painters tarp and duct taped it down…

  18. Taneal Newman says:

    The part where she says that they can’t survive after a few weeks without
    eating, ISN’T TRUE. They can go from a year to 18 months.

  19. eric johnson says:

    Okay so I put that cover on my bed and I cant use my own bed sheets or
    blankets because this thing is on it?
    I don’t understand the demonstration AT ALL.

  20. Patriot News Network says:

    For $109, I could hire Orkin to Heat Treat my house and kill not only the
    bed bugs, but the roaches too.

  21. Chris Hansen says:

    This is a nice method, but you’d really be better off selling the bug tape
    without that sheet thing with it. Plus, the amount you are wanting for the
    trap is really too much. If we ever get bedbugs, I am going to buy the
    bedbug tents. Then, I am going to surround the tents with that sticky tape.
    I think the problem you will have the most is the height of your trap. Not
    all beds are the same height not to mention who is going to make a square
    of tape on the ceiling? If they are that smart to drop from the ceiling, I
    am just getting us all tents so we don’t even have to worry about them
    dropping from above. This product seems to be a one time use anyways and we
    won’t be able to use fitted sheets with it, because the sheets will make it
    bunch up. I totally get what you mean about starving them though, because
    that really is the only way to be completely free of them. And no, they
    can’t live up to 18 months if they stay active. There is just no way as
    they don’t have enough food reserves unless they go dormant. Even heat
    treatment can’t get deep into walls where the bugs like to hide. They don’t
    all stay in one area of the home and pregnant females are designed to flee
    to other areas to start their own colonies. Heat treating even an entire
    house means a lot of work removing items that can’t get so hot and there is
    still no guarantee. The pest control companies are loving the bed bug
    movement, because they can get loads of money with multiple treatments. If
    you really want to make money on bed bugs, you’d be better off making
    bedbug tents. Pretty soon hotels will be full of bedbugs to just like the
    subway is getting full of them. They say in 1933 every household had some
    infestation of bedbugs, so it is only a matter of time before they show up
    all over again.

  22. Jebi James says:

    i will try it and hope good result. thanks

  23. Timothy Kamalu says:

    They can climb the walls and drop from the ceiling on to you so I give this
    a thumbs down.

  24. LetsLearnArabic says:

    Basically double sided tape….I’m sure your patent will still be “pending”
    as I write this, I’m just saying.

  25. Knockturnal X says:

    very misleading imho.

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