Bed Bugs Remedy

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  1. Avinash Ganapa says:

    +NASAR PANDA dude god bless you it worked amazingly at my flat 

  2. Vasanth Raj says:

    Excellent… dude..
    thank you

  3. kriskramesh says:

    Saw your video yesterday after a bad episode of bed bug bites. Bought the
    ingredients, mixed them, and went commando on my mattress just now. All are
    dead. Honestly I didn’t believe it will work, but damn!!! It actually
    works. Thanks for the solution man.

  4. Christina Villanueva says:

    Can I use bleach ???

  5. Cherry mae Omapas says:

    I just tried now, and 100% real. Very effective. Can kill bed bugs in 3

  6. my penta says:

    Hi Nasar Panda very helpful video it kills bedbugs just in a second from
    our company in staff room we tried many other pesticides but those are
    toxic and leaves bad smell and stains but your suggestion is wonderful and
    easy to find and make, I used “soap oil” instead of detergent because it
    will not give foam and which is easy to spray and no soap stain and it
    sticks for long time result, after this spray you can keep “Cloth karpoora”
    (Camphor) if you dint get then keep “pooja karpoora”(Camphor) which is easy
    to find under bed cushions racks box bags etc its strong smell prevents
    them getting in change this periodically when it evaporates, and also soak
    your cloth in dettol mixed water after wash and dry them in shade not in
    direct sunlight it permanently prevents bed bugs coming back . 

  7. Jean Barton says:

    How much of each item do you mix up? I found detrol on amazon

  8. zaeem rehman says:

    Bro just tried it, its awesome,i thought they would just faint but they
    actually are killled ,thanks

  9. Lobo O.S. says:

    Hey bro’ were I can find those products??

  10. Nilesh Pawar says:

    It’s Very effective……Thanks Dude

  11. john solut says:

    This truly is a great share and note if you have a infestation it’s best to
    consult with your landlord. so they can send an pro at no cost to you..
    but if you did choose to attack them on your own you will be in a long
    fight these things lay eggs 5 times daily. sure this method will work as
    is and with other methods as well just be prepared to spray 7x a day. every
    surface every crack and so on and with any luck you may rid them in 4 to 5
    years.. but yes it will kill them and eggs but you gotta find them first..
    guys use your heads 100,000 bugs from two in a month the math wont lie
    count the eggs for the next month..

  12. Edward Tiojanco says:

    would liquid laundry detergent work??

  13. DIAMOND JONES says:

    What brand of disinfectant?

  14. Niina Kallio says:

    Wow, this might be the miracle helper that Im looking for but first I need
    to ask couple things before trying it out.. Does it do any harm to dogs or
    cats? And second, does it damage any surfaces? I have laminate flooring and
    need to know if it does any damage to it (rented place so dont want to
    destroy it) Thank you for your answer. Sorry I might sound like I was idiot
    but I never have had this problem and I just moved here 2 months ago and I
    found one Bed Pug running on my dogs fur this morning and that explains all
    the bite marks that I have (I just thought it was some bug since its summer
    and its normal time for that but seeing one running on my dogs fur and
    confirmed it, that creeps me out). 

  15. laurie d says:

    wow…that was a big one! lol..i can’t even SEE mine most of the
    time..thank you..trying this tomorrow!!! 

  16. Naga mohan Neelam says:

    thanks nasar for the best method to kill the bed bugs i am looking for like
    this last year even my room is treated with powerful pest control liquids
    no use thes is the best of the best to kill bloody bed
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa lotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  17. Tristan de Harde says:

    I’m sharing my experiences with everybody with the same problems. All are
    based on tips and experiences of others and used the ones that are most
    easy, cheap and almost fun to do. Because of the fear of victoms I never
    bought poisons or hired a professional to fix the problem. Sellers and
    professionals always tell you these options will never work and ofcourse
    they make there earnings by it. (logical I would do the same wink)

    Recently I added an extra tool to kill bedbugs called Diatomaceous earth,
    natural, safe (My roommate even feed the cat some but don’t breath it in
    yourself) and it’s cheap.

    With Diatomaceous earth inside a bedbug filled container they died within
    24 hours! So happy of seeing things die (evil laugh) Ofcourse it goes this
    fast because there is no place to go so they keep walking trough the DE, in
    other places it will take a couple of days to die.

    Total lists of tricks:
    1. Cleaning:
    Washing your bedsheets at a high temperature or put them in a heater for a
    while. This will kill eggs or bugs that are hidden in here.

    2. Killing:
    Use a heatgun or steamcleaner in all the corners of the bedframe and
    corners of the matress, also couches in all places in and outside the
    couch, especially where they always hide. My investation started around the
    couch by guests sleeping on it. Whenwith using a heatgun, it gets at a very
    high temperature and when using it to close to items it could burn, melt or
    catch on fire, so watch out. Or use the steamcleaner, but I personally love
    the heater, you see them die instantly when you go over it, and the steamer
    has more pressure. This can blow them away and with the lower temperature
    they perhaps could still be alive.

    3. Preventing:
    Put seetrough tape on the strips on the walls, legs of couches and beds and
    between rooms to prevend climing up, or switching rooms. You can add
    babypowder of making it more slippery so they will fall off when walking on
    them. Also when your bed/couch is clean make sure it doesn’t touch the
    walls or curtains. Isolate the bed as much as possible.

    4. Capture:
    Set up Co2 bed bug traps. They can’t enter your bed or couch, so they will
    be attracted by the co2 for food and get caught in the trap

    5. Killing some more:
    Now I also used DE to do some more killing I sprayed:
    – The corners with floor/walls.
    – Cracks, cable holders, wallplugs and so on.
    – Underneath the couch cushions.
    – Bottem and inside of the couch.
    – Around my bedframe and bottom of the matress, sometimes between matress
    and sheets.
    – And especially in the places where the always try to hide and set up a
    bedbug community, when they will come back you left them a notwelcome back

    With all these uses it will help you get ride of the extra hungry
    houseguests and make it a home like it was before. Hopefully these work for
    you as well.

  18. NASAR PANDA says:

    +Tom Toledo – Thank you for your comments

  19. diorelgavino says:

    thank you very much nasar! i have tried so many things but didnt work. i
    just tried now and sitting on my wooden couch. for now, still no bites.
    will update you guys tomorow how effective this is. I googled dettol and
    the active ingredient is chloroxylenol. Thank you Nasar very cost efficient

  20. Alex Maelstrom says:

    What do you mean by washing powder. Like powdered detergent? And are there
    any substitute for the disinfectent?

  21. Francis Chukwu says:

    Thank you for this great idea! My sleeps will from today’s night be sweet. 

  22. chiquitababy5 says:

    What is dettol?sorry i have never heard about it.So i can use laundry
    soap,water,and alcohol?Thanks

  23. weisi ang says:


  24. Brad Heff says:

    Thank you for this video. Will this only kill on contact? If I spray around
    the baseboards, will it kill them if they come in contact with the formula
    a couple days later?

  25. Life Coach Kaiser says:

    409 All-purpose Cleaner works amazing and instantly!
    It’s safer for people and animals as well.

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