Bed Bug Control: Professional Bed Bug Spray

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10 Responses to Bed Bug Control: Professional Bed Bug Spray

  1. Swollz says:

    your so rad.. im buyiing this now and using it ASAP. gon spray the walls
    the carpet the fuckin vents and window tihngs.

  2. josue suazo says:

    when i spray the top of the bed can i put a sheet and sleep over it or is
    it not safe

  3. Anteater Anteater says:

    @genova2012 Yes it is safe. However you should wait 3-4 hours for the
    application to dry. Then you could but a sheet over it to sleep on.

  4. Anteater Anteater says:

    @GoofyBoa YAY! XD

  5. robuzy says:

    oh god this brings back memories

  6. Anteater Anteater says:

    @robuzy how so?

  7. robuzy says:

    @anteaterpest my old house ^.^

  8. Patricia Carter says:

    A video guide on how to kill bed bugs. Have a bed bug infestation? No need
    to worry, Pestmall has the solution for your bed bugs. Spray an application
    of our trust bed bug spray used only by professionals to get rid of your
    bed bug problem. #bedbugcontrol ´╗┐

  9. Chipp Marshal says:

    I have heard good things about the Bedlam spray but I just wonder how safe
    it is to use on a mattress. I think heat is the best (and safest) way to
    kill bed bugs. It can be a little expensive to hire someone but there are
    ways you can accomplish it yourself.´╗┐

  10. Pest Control San Diego says:

    Yea always hire a professional for these little critters´╗┐

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