Bed Bug Bombs – Do They Work?

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3 Responses to Bed Bug Bombs – Do They Work?

  1. Afif Naeem says:

    You need to read that many book just to figure how to kill bed-bugs? WTH

  2. mahuglas says:

    DDT Baby! and this dumb lady is calling for the EPA????? seriously? the
    EPA’s regulations r why companies r having such a hard time keeping up with
    bugs and absolutely why we r seeing a resurgence of bugs in the united
    states. if u watch and listen to this lady for a few minutes and r kinda
    scratching your head and stuff. it’s simple…… she is a dumbo mumbo
    wumbo chumbo blumbo and i stress the DUMBO!!!

  3. High Rock Pest Solutions says:

    Bed Bug Bombs-do they work?

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