BBCTV #29 – Heat Treatment Demonstration

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23 Responses to BBCTV #29 – Heat Treatment Demonstration

  1. vashon100 says:

    0:26 There’s no way you’re standing in a room that is 137F degrees. 110F is
    life threatening. Touching metal at 130F degrees is painful. Not believing

  2. PearlofRocketland says:

    no, it could be 137. I worked in a restaurant that got up to 120. I know
    some factories have furnaces that get very warm as well.

  3. mjester121 says:

    I just want to say that all of your videos are just excellent and extremely
    helpful. I have bed bugs and the woman from the apartment complex office
    wasn’t helpful enough. I called the pest control company they are using and
    the only helpful person was the owner, who I got to talk to once. It’s
    really hard to get my questions answered (and to know what questions to
    ask), and your videos really help me understand so I can avoid doing “dumb”
    things. 😀

  4. jasonhpi says:

    When I do bedbug treatments the rooms will get up to 150F and i have videos
    showing the temp gun read out

  5. bitterblackberry says:

    Marry me Jeff 🙂

  6. Jeff White says:

    i’m not sure marriage and bed bugs go together

  7. bitterblackberry says:

    Oh, they do 🙂 Marrying an exterminator is the best defence against
    bedbugs, lol.

  8. Stephanie Phillips says:

    can you leave books

  9. mccizoy says:

    Or any relationship! Almost destroyed mine and i’m still trying to
    re-establish the thing. All over BED BUGS! Jeff i sent you a novel via
    email. I know you are busy, and you probably didn’t need the backstory, but
    i needed to share certain aspects of the story and make a suggestion for
    you. So i hope that you’ll save it for when you do have time to read
    through it! Thanks, Jeff! –

  10. casanova214gc says:

    Im a heat tech from so cal and 133 degrees is not good enough. 160 is great
    for the job

  11. Jeff White says:

    actually that’s incorrect, 120 degrees has been scientifically proven at
    the U. of Minnesota to be the short term death point for both bed bugs and
    their eggs, if you achieve 130-140 and hold that for a set amount of time
    it will penetrate furniture and is enough to properly eliminate bed bugs, I
    could actually argue 160 is starting to push the limits where you start to
    see damage issues with certain personal belongings in a home

  12. Jose Mena says:

    how long does the heat treatment keep them away?

  13. Jeffrey White says:

    it doesn’t keep them away, the minute the heat is turned off and the
    temperature goes below 100 the home could be infested again, it will only
    kill what the heat gets to and has no residual qualities

  14. electrickithara says:

    Would it help to discard the carpet and furniture first before the heat

  15. Jeff White says:

    it may help but usually it’s completely unnecessary

  16. Brian Thickcock says:

    Is it safe to keep your electronics (TV, computers, e.t.c.) in the house
    while this is being done, or should you pack them up and remove them?

  17. Jeff White says:

    you should ask the company who is performing the heat treatment what they
    recommend, with most heat treatments it shouldn’t affect the electronics
    but it’s best to ask the company who’s performing the service

  18. flashy pest control services says:

    Halo, i wish to request for a sample of bedbug heat treatment machine,you
    can send this to my email perhaps indicating the quotation,brochure and the
    guarantee of the device,it has to be operating within 240 volts Kindly send
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  19. Chipp Marshal says:

    My cable box overheats and malfunctions when the temp gets over 110
    degrees. Similarly, I know that inverters for photovoltaic systems can only
    get up to a temperature of 105 degrees before they begin to have problems.
    So be careful with the electronic devices. Exposure to those temperatures
    could cause issues.

  20. Chelsea Jimenez says:

    Bless Jeff for keeping a positive tone of voice and good info while
    sweating balls in a 135 degree fuckin room! Lmao oh my goddddddd D’: I’d be
    PISSED like do we have to be in a heated room the WHOLE time?? Bed bugs r
    so persistent I just am afraid this wont even work x(

  21. Doug Mccartin says:

    hi jeff i would like to ask you some technical questions about this process.
    can you keep and eye out for my email from pest brigade.
    im in australia so the time differance makes comunication difficult.
    thankyou . doug

  22. Jesse Irvine says:

    I worked all day in 140° in Iraq, wearing 80lbs of gear, pants tucked in
    boots, and long sleeves. To say it’s impossible is absurd. Thanks for the
    video Jeff, I caught these bastards early and I’m doing everything. DE,
    bought a hammock, vacuuming, steaming, residual sprays. Time to rent a
    heavy duty space heater too.

  23. Thomas Lee says:

    For those who the heat treatment failed: You have to be honest- did you
    actually separate everything apart, and use fans so heat could get to
    everything? I bet is you kept the mattress on the box string, cushions on
    the couches, and the closet doors, cabinet doors and drawers all shut- so
    the heat could not quickly saturate the area. Remember that heat would get
    to the basement last.

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