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Question: last night i watched this video on youtube about bed bugs and had to leave my bed, i’ve been up all night now and its 12 in the afternoon, but i was wondering, who gets beg bugs, why, and how you stop them from getting into your room
so if i had bed bugs id know about it and have lots of marks over my body?

Answer: I run a pest control company and i can confirm that bed bug infestations are on the increase. One common way that homes are infested is by bringing used furniture home that has been discarded on the streets, bought from a neighbour or even purchased at a used furniture store. If someone has an infestation, one of the first things that they will often do is get rid of infested furniture. Bedbugs can last a year or more without feeding so if you buy from a used furniture store, even if the item is not obviously infested, you may be bringing home someone Else’s problems. They can hide in the seams of baggage when you travel and sneak a ride home with you. Boxes shipped from an infested home can easily make your home their new habitat. College dorms are a great food source for the bugs so when your college student comes home they can unknowingly have bugs hidden in bags and boxes. If you rent to a new roommate, the bugs can come along in boxes, bags and hidden in furniture. If you visit a home that has an infestation the bugs can hitch a ride home on your clothes or in anything you bring back with you. A neighbour can bring the bugs into your home on their clothes, boxes or bags. If your unit is close to another that has an infestation the Bed Bug can crawl along pipes, on wires, through heating and cooling vents or just through the dead spaces between walls. The bugs may move between units because they have grown in numbers to a point where they need an additional food source, the resident has moved out or because the unit is sprayed to try and kill them.

Hope this helps Dave

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  1. Julie says:

    There are several ways one can get bed bugs, bringing in bedding that is infested, bugs can migrate from nearby apartments, or having someone visit who has the bed bug eggs on their clothing or luggage if they have been traveling in a foreign country, mainly in South America..

  2. Number 6 says:

    Usually brought back from a holiday in a warm country.

    However to minimise the chance of getting them, always:

    wash the contents of your suitcase on your return from such a holiday.

    Vacuum your mattress say once a month / turn the mattress over. Washing bedding at least weekly.
    Vacuum your room including the edges at least weekly.

  3. John 21350 says:

    All beds have bed bugs ,no matter where you are , or how clean you are it just a natural thing ,its when bed linen is not changed and washed regular that they over breed and become a problem ,they feed on the dead skin that falls from you ,, if there are too many and not enough dead skin to go around ,they start to bite /feed on the dead skin before it falls off , this makes you very itchy

  4. webby says:

    you will never completely get rid of bed bugs all the time you are shedding your skin,which we are,you can limit them with your personal Hygiene,ie changing your sheets at least once a week & making sure you’re clean.i wouldnt spend too much time worrying about them,you’ll end up like howard hughes!

  5. Tippy's Mom says:

    Some people are confusing bed bugs with dust mites. They are different from each other. You will have dust mites where ever you have people sleeping. Just comes with the territory. But one can minimize them by keeping bedding clean and washed regularly and turning their mattresses on schedule about every 6 months. Bed bugs are another story and one must be careful when having guests over who are not tidy, clean or have been sleeping in quarters where bed bugs might be, like hotels, motels and so on. The longer you take to respond to an infestation, the more they are likely to get into cracks in the flooring, walls, and bedding. Making them extremely hard to get rid of. Practicing good housekeeping is generally a way to keep on top of ANY bug infestation and also helps with realizing when you might have a problem that needs dealing with! When I watch shows like those, I always get creeped out for like a week or so and obsess on what is living in my home. Hope this helps you!

  6. TRUEBRIT says:

    Everyone gets dust mites ,bed bugs not too sure how they arrive but do have a way of getting rid ! Buy a steamer I bought a wallpaper steamer one it can also be used for cleaning carpets I Also use it to steam the carpets and all my bedding pillows duvet etc this would get rid of any bugs as the steam is boiling hot ,no bugs dare come to my house now !!

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