Entrepreneurship is not just about making money, it is about the idea, persistent work, financial literacy, about the art and the decision to take the risk not only for yourself but also for others, and last but not least it is also about banks and taxes.

It may seem to you that opening a bank account for your company abroad, or for a foreign company in the Czech Republic or elsewhere, is not the least problem. Well, even such illusions circulate the world …   Nowadays it is not possible to just come to the bank, say at the window “I would like an account, here is the money,” and get an electronic account. The situation in the international market is changing day by day, and banks are now carefully choosing their future clients. A number of cases and scandals give them the truth, it is not a good advertisement for the bank if it is mentioned in connection with the fraud. Banks are subject to strict regulations. Therefore, if you open a bank account for your company, expect that the bank will choose and expand not only you but your grandmother. Especially if you open it on behalf of an offshore company, a company that is based abroad and may also be in a tax haven. But even onshore companies based in their home country are not always a safe bet for banks.

So whether you are starting a business (no matter whether as an offshore or onshore company ) or just growing your business on the international market, if you want to be more confident that your business will go in the right direction and outperform others, a shortcut, you can use the bank account opening service to help you communicate with your bank and help you in many other ways.

Why even think about establishing an offshore bank account?

A bank account abroad gives you many benefits in the future. You will relieve yourself of the risks that accompany any business, be it execution, competition, insolvency, etc. You will make an important step in the correct distribution of risks in your business. In addition, this will increase your availability for clients from foreign countries, save on both your and your clients’ bank fees, and will save you considerable time on bank transfers.

Offshore Citizen will help you to choose the right bank for your business because each company is individual and requires specific conditions that will make it easier for you to come to the fore, as well as facilitate communication with the bank and elaboration of all documentation for the bank. A consultant from us will accompany you to selected banks for a personal interview with a banker. We are seasoned and over the years we know how to deal with the most internal questions of bankers.

Bobbie Reed