Immigration Plan for Business-plan is a company specializing in business business plans for the purpose of obtaining investor visa E-2 , L-1 visa and direct investor visa EB-5 . Their job is to present your business not only in accordance with the eligibility criteria of the visa but also in order to give more weight and credibility to your application. The Immigration Plan for Business-plan team also updates your business plan to the point of sending your application which is essential.

A tailor-made business plan

The business plan underlying these business visas is the subject of particular attention by USCIS or the US Embassy in terms of approval by virtue of the nature of these visas.

There is no room for generic content or verbiage which can make the immigration officer suspicious. Producing a business plan “factory way” is not recommended.

And that’s where Immigration Plan for Business-plan comes in. The company has over 14 years of E-2, L-1 and EB-5 visa experience and has submitted more than 1,300 business immigration plans to USCIS and numerous US embassies around the world.

A sharp skill, even for delicate or complex files

The expertise of Immigration Plan for Business-plan is such that the company deals with business plans for applications already rejected and resubmitted. The same is true for applications that are subject to requests for additional information from immigration officers. These files are already more technical since they have already passed the embassy and therefore there is no longer any right to error.

The unique business plan development process developed by Immigration Plan for Business-plan is made to meet the specific needs of US business immigration, which are different from those of investors.

Trusted collaboration for an effective business plan

Immigration Plan for Business-plan works closely with the lawyer handling the application for an efficient application file. As such, the services of this company are very popular with many American business immigration lawyers in the US and abroad. Immigration Plan for Business-plan also provides its clients with solid strategic and financial and business experience in more than 120 industries in the United States.

Bobbie Reed