Sprites: The Fairies of Playfulness and Creativity

Sprites are playful, mischievous nature spirits with magical powers. They are one of the most creative spirits in the fairy kingdom, and can often be found writing poems or painting.

In the autumn they carry tins of brightly coloured red, orange and yellow paint, which they use to change the colour of leaves. They then shake tree branches to make the leaves fall to the ground.

Sprites have lots of excess energy, and they like to play with nymphs or tease butterflies.

Sprites are made of the element water, so they are only found in places that are serene and cool. In the springtime sunshine, sprites like to dance on moving water, making little rainbows.

During storms, sprites can cause lightening to strike or create problems with electricity.

Famous sprites include Puck from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and Tinkerbell from Peter Pan.

Their name is derived from the Latin word for spirit, spiritus. The English word sprightly, meaning lively or spirited, comes from the word sprite.

Sprites are usually friendly to human beings, and can bring unexpected good fortune.